Outage caused by burning ditches

Now that service has been restored, if you are still experiencing outages please call us @ 319-656-3668.

– please do not burn ditches where there is often several utilities and services located.

Saturday, it was reported that a service outage had been caused when both a handhold and splitter cabinet had been burnt due to burning ditches.

24 hours later we still have employees onsite resolve the issue.

Hats off to KCTC Employees Jeff, David, Mike, James, Jeremy, Brandon for your quick response and to Kelly for coming in to help make calls. We are blessed by such dedicated and amazing team members!

Hats off to Slabach Construction for coming to our rescue as well. We so appreciate our strong partnership!

Thanks to all the customers for understanding that everyone has been doing what they can to get everyone back up. Thanks for being so caring and understanding!

Here are pictures of some amazing guys finishing what we hope are the last splices. Also pictures of the damaged equipment.