KCTC Managed Wifi

If your home is like many in our area, you have fiber fast internet from KCTC. We bring the internet to your home, and from there a router sends a Wi-Fi signal that can connect all wireless devices to the internet today and in the future. To make sure you receive the best Wi-Fi signal, you need a Wi-Fi network that will work well in every room of your home.

One low price: $5.95/month
• No purchase necessary—we provide the equipment
• Safe and secure—we’ll setup password and encryption
• Ongoing support—we’re here when you have questions or need help

Managed Wi-Fi service from KCTC will set up and maintain your Wi-Fi network to maximize the performance of all your connected devices:
It’s easy: our technicians determine what your home needs to provide the best Wi-Fi network.
Very convenient: we supply the equipment—you don’t have to purchase anything from a store.
No hassle: we’ll do the work of making sure your wireless devices connect to your Wi-Fi network.
More for you: optimize your internet connection to get maximum speed. Make sure your Wi-Fi
network extends all over your home.
It’s affordable – just $5.95/month!

Get it all connected – call us today at 319-656-3668