Local Measured Service (LMS)

Measured Service is local exchange service, for which rates are based upon exchange access line and usage. In addition to the monthly charge, local usage charges will apply for outgoing calls completed on a local basis. Measured Service is an optional offering available to single-party residential customers where, in KCTC’s judgment, central office equipment and facilities allow the offering. Rates are based upon a monthly rate and per minute usage charge. No calling features may be added to local measured service.


1. Usage billing will be provided by call detail.
2. Measured Service usage charges do not apply to calls placed to 911, or “0″ for emergency agencies, such as police, fire, rescue, or ambulance.
3. The phone number associated with LMS cannot be placed in the telephone directory.
4. The customer will be required to change their existing telephone number (if applicable) in order to receive LMS.
5. The phone number will not be allowed to add calling features.

$35.00 to switch from Flat Rate to LMS. $40.00 activation fee for new customers. $50 deposit required for all LMS accounts. LMS includes 30 minutes of outgoing calls in the 656 exchange. Calls beyond the 30 minutes included with LMS will be charged at a rate of $2.00 per minute. The timing of calls is calculated in six second increments after the first minute of use for calling within the local calling area. Long distance calls will have applicable rates in addition to the $2.00 per minute rate.