KCTC has now added WIFI service to Kalona City Park and Windmill Ridge Campground!

KCTC has now added Wi-Fi service in the Kalona City Park! Park visitors will be able to stay connected with their laptops, smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices as they enjoy everything Kalona City Park has to offer. Wi-Fi service is also available at Windmill Ridge Campground.
As more consumers are connecting to Wi-Fi on their devices, KCTC is committed to delivering the best possible broadband experience, where people need speed and coverage the most.
KCTC Wi-Fi at the park and campground is free for existing KCTC and NETINS  internet subscribers.
Guest pass is also available! For $9.99 get all day access through our convenient payment process that will prompt you when establishing a connection at the park or campground. Visitors will now have more options to connect while enjoying the great facilities of Kalona.