To change your long distance carrier, you need to first call your current carrier, and make sure you are set up on a calling plan. It is important to set up a calling plan, because if no calling plan is implemented then you will be billed casual rates, which can be anywhere from 15 to 30 cents per minute, depending on time and location. After your calling plan is set up, call KCTC at 319-656-3668. Your long distance carrier will not be changed unless your local telephone office is informed. Contact KCTC during regular business hours to request a long distance carrier change. When calling you need to have the 4-digit Carrier Identification Code (CIC). There is an $11.50 switching fee to change to a carrier other than KCTC. If changing to KCTC there is only a $5 switching fee and all charges will be on the same bill. Click here to see the long distance plans KCTC has to offer or to change your long distance carrier.