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Category: Webmail

How do I permanently remove an email from WebMail?

To delete a message check the corresponding box to the left and choose “Delete/Undelete” from the menu. A line will be drawn through the email. Choose “Purge deleted” to permanently remove all deleted messages from the current...

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How do I change my email password?

How do I change my email password? In order to change your e-mail password you must first change it with KCTC. To do this, you may stop by our office located at 510 B Avenue, Kalona or give us a call at 319-656-3668. After...

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What is WebMail?

What is WebMail? WebMail is a web based e-mail client that allows you to check your KCTC e-mail from any computer in the world that has access to the Internet. To use WebMail, type the following address into your Internet...

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