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Category: Telephone

How do I change my calling features?

To change your calling features, call KCTC at 319-656-3668 or come in to our office. If we are contacted before 3:30pm your calling features will be updated the same day. There is a $13 service charge for all updates made to an...

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What are the local calling areas from Kalona?

Calls to the following prefixes are billed as local calls. 223 Newhall 227 Norway 227 Watkins 525 Hartwick 545 Tiffin 622 Amana 624 Solon 625 Coralville 626 North Liberty 627 West Liberty 632 Cedar Rapids (South) 639 Kinross 639...

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What is a PIC freeze?

A Pic Freeze is similar to a security block for your long distance. When you have a Pic Freeze, no carrier can change your long distance without your permission. If you don’t have a Pic Freeze on your account, any other long...

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How do I change my long distance carrier?

To change your long distance carrier, you need to first call your current carrier, and make sure you are set up on a calling plan. It is important to set up a calling plan, because if no calling plan is implemented then you will...

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Does KCTC offer vacation rates?

Does KCTC offer vacation rates? Yes, KCTC offers 50% off your telephone line rate and optional services (reoccuring monthly charges) for the amount of time you specify.

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What long distance carrier is best for me?

What long distance carrier is best for me? KCTC only bills long distance for AT&T and our own 2 Carriers. It is best to pick a Long Distance plan that fits your needs. If you use a large amount of long distance, look for a...

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